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Orion Coffee Table - Black Marble

Orion Coffee Table - Black Marble

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Black Marble Coffee Table with 3 ball legs. Comes in 4 separate pieces, easy to carry or move around.

Diameter of marble top: 90 cm

Height: 32 cm

Diameter of round ball leg: 30 cm

No shipping cost for pick up.


Made to order. After the order and initial down payment of 30% of the product, delivery time is approximately 12 weeks. 

For detailed information, please contact us at

Care Instructions

Here’s a few tips to make your marble piece last a lifetime:


1. Clean marble after use.

By cleaning up after use you will prevent stains from occurring and keep your marble looking great. 

2. Only use marble cleaners.

When cleaning marble only use cleaners specifically designed for marble. Common household cleaners can have harsh acids or alkalis that could etch or dull your marble surface.

3. Immediately clean up after spills!

Marble stains occur when they are given time to penetrate the pours of a marble surface. So act quickly after a spill.

4. Watch out for acids.

Be very careful with acids around your marble. Acids will etch your marble in a matter of seconds if allowed to come in contact with your marble surface.

5. Do not use vinegar to clean marble.

Although effective on some household items it will destroy your marble by etching the surface and removing the beautiful shine so characteristic of marble. 

6. Do not store water in your marble accessories.

Marble is a natural stone and no matter how sealed it is, the seal may wear off in time and it has the potential to soak liquid in.


7. No dishwasher for your marble accessories.

Gentle hand wash only. Please dry with a kitchen towel afterwards.


8. Be mindful about what you place on your marble. It can stain.

Marble is a natural stone and it tends to stain if you put oily and/or colored items on it (fatty cheese, chips, strawberries etc.) so please be mindful of what you put on your marble accessory. We suggest you put a baking paper on the surface to avoid staining.

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